Custom GIFs for Your Brand

Give your branding a personality!

 GIF Packages

We have various GIF packages that range from a starter pack to the all NEW VIP Day!


Everything you need to get started on GIPHY. 

You’ll get 5 Custom GIFs and instructions on how to get your stickers to show up in the GIPHY API aka on Instagram, Facebook, and TIkTok!
Perfect for those do-it-yourselfers, who just need a little help getting started.



Get it all done-for-you from start to finish.

We will create 12 Custom GIFs and GIF Stickers, make sure you are set up on GIPHY and can easily search for and find your GIFs in Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and anywhere else that uses the GIPHY API! 


Elevate your marketing game while having a blast!

This is your day! In one day we’ll come up with a strategy, decide on all of the GIFs you’ll need, have a photoshoot/dance party together. We’ll get you applied for a Giphy brand, with 25 GIFs that you can start using as soon as you’re approved! 


The ClvrCml GIF course is now on sale!

Want to learn how to make GIFs using Canva Pro. And then want to learn how to get them searchable in all the good places (insta, FB, tiktok)?

Learn how to make stickers, video GIFs and more!

Why GIFs?

GIFs are a fun way to incorporate your personality and brand. 

GIFs add an extra “WOW” factor to your content, leaving your audience really impressed with your brand. 

Using custom GIFs as part of your content strategy creates a more personable, playful brand identity. You’ve worked so hard on your branding. Make the most of it with Custom GIFs! 

Where Can I use GIFs?

So many places! 

If you’re set up as a GIPHY Brand you’ll be able to search for all of your GIFs in any app that uses the GIPHY API.

That includes Instagram, Facebook (stories, comments and posts!), Tiktok, and even iMessage! 

GIFs are also a great addition to e-mails and your website too!



You’ve got questions and I’ve got answers. If you have any other questions feel free to send a message in the contact form below! 

After I sign up, what happens?

Well first, we both squeal with delight.

Then, you’ll receive an email that has instructions on what to do next, including suggestions on the kinds of GIFs you can make. The email will also include a form for you to fill out to hand over all of your assets to me including your colors, logo (if you have one), fonts, and photos/videos/artwork/phrases you’d like included. You’ll have 10 days to provide me with these assets. 

Once that form is submitted, I’ll get to work, and then send you the completed files. You’ll have a chance to look them over and request revisions.

If you’ve purchased the Starter Pack you will receive instructions on how to get yourself set up on GIPHY. If you’ve purchased the Full Shebang I will get you set up with a Brand Account, upload all of your GIFs once you’re happy with them, and tag everything so that you can easily find them on instagram, and so that they will be searchable by others as well. 


What are the most frequently searched phrases on GIPHY?

Awesome question! GIPHY shared that their top 10 searched terms are: Love, Happy, Sad, No, Bored, Angry, Tired, Hungry, Flirting and Hi.

This all comes in with tagging. But remember that tags must be related to the GIF or your account will get flagged. We don’t want that!! 

If you sign up for the Full Shebang you have nothing to worry about!  I will tag your GIFs appropriately and with  popular tags to make sure they’re seen! 

I'm not sure what to send, can you help?


You can send any existing artwork that you have, and I will animate it for you. 

You can send photos to be animated, you can send videos to be used as a regular GIF or sticker. 

You can send over common phrases you use to be made into stickers or regular GIFs. 

If you need more help to come up with specific ideas you can book a strategy call here

What's the difference between GIFs, GIF Stickers, and Stickers

While these are all similar things, they’re not all used in the same way.  See the graphic below for info on where you can use each. 


Regular GIFs are the things you often see used in Facebook comments as reactions, in emails, or text messages. They can be a short video with overlaying text, just animated text over a background, or just a short video. They are standalone pieces of content that cannot be overlayed on a Story or TikTok. You can request regular GIFs in your package! 


GIF Stickers are similar to regular GIFs, except that they have transparent backgrounds. These are the ones that you see most often in Insta stories or TikToks. They must be animated, static images are not accepted by GIPHY. 


Stickers/Emojis Instagram also has their own set of illustrated stickers that are not animated. You cannot upload your own versions of these at this time. This is not part of your package.



I want to make my own GIFs, can you teach me how?

Sure can! 

Check out the Clvrcml GIF COURSE!

All you need is Canva!

Questions? Comments? 

Have a special request? Need just a single GIF? No problem, just message me the details for a custom quote.

If you want GIFs but don’t have any branding yet, we can help with that too. Send us a message to get branding!