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WOW your followers, IMPRESS your clients, and feel like an absolute BADASS!

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YES! Let's make some gifs!

A totally NEW

(and cool ;) )

self-paced video course on

how to make GIFS using Canva 

by the GIF QUEEN  herself and the human behind the camel, Cara Laban.

This course will cover:

How to make quality GIFs

Learn how to make logo, text, photo and video GIFs to take your branding up a notch.


We’ll go beyond the “animate” button and explore the basics of animation. (pro version of Canva is recommended)


We’ll walk through each step of getting your GIFs ready to use on all the social platforms so that you and your followers can use them just by searching your brand name!

This course may prickle your fancy if you are…

  • A Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant who wants to offer this as a service to their clients

  • A Coach and/or Ecomm business owner who does their own marketing, or wants to give this course to their Virtual Assistant

  • An Influencer/digital creator that wants to up their brand game

  • Anyone that wants to add a little “something something” to their super awesome skill toolbox!


GIFS are a fun, creative, and exclusive branding tool!

Not every brand/business has their own custom GIFS, therefore learning to create GIFS is a marketable skill that you can use forever.

You’ll be able to make unlimited animated assets, even with little to no graphic design knowledge or ability!

No one else is teaching how to make GIF stickers quite like this, take it from the camel first hand (or hoof?!), she had to figure it out herself!

use custom gifs for

Coffee Bean

Instagram Stories

Coffee Bean

Facebook posts

Coffee Bean

Launches + Campaigns

Coffee Bean

WEBSITES / Sales pages

Coffee Bean

impressing your friends

DIscover the clvrcml gif course digital desert…


Well DUH! But, what exactly are GIFS? 

This course teaches WHY should you use them and WHERE you should use them!


Learn how to build a GIF frame by frame, download and save your GIFS & how to find GIFS on every platform!


An essential editing tool that is fun & pretty simple to use!

Let those creative juices flow!

Learn how to set up a brand kit & upload your logo. 

Learn about fonts, colors, text, uploading photos, and finding/using elements.


Whoa! So many different kinds of GIFS!

This course will simply break down all the
different types of GIFS you can make and HOW! 

This is no mirage: Bring on the flips, twists, swipes, color changes, and more!


Not only will you learn how to make the coolest GIFS around, but also how to get them out there onto your social platforms! 

CLVR CML will teach you about filling out applications, marketing ideas, & all the how to’s you’ll need for your GIF-tastic journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the GIF Course for?
  • Social Media Managers or Virtual Assistants who wants to offer this as a service to their clients
  • Coaches and/or Ecomm business owners who do their own marketing  or wants to give this course to their Virtual Assistant
  • Influencers/digital creators that wants to up their brand game
  • Anyone that wants to add a little “something something” to their super awesome skill toolbox!
Do I need any graphic design experience?

While it would be helpful to have a grasp of the basic principles of graphic design to make stunning graphics, it is not necessary for this course! You can have fun learning the basic principles of animation, and will be walked through exactly how to make photo and video stickers with little to no knowledge of graphic design


Do I need the Adobe Suite for this course?


All you need is Canva. The pro version is recommended, but you’ll still be able to make awesome graphics with the free version. 

We will also be using some other free and affordable software to create photo and video GIFs

What exactly will I learn in this course?

Fantastic question! 

Here is the full course overview: 

  • Module 1 – Intro to Canva
  • Module 2 – GIF basics
  • Module 3 –  Making Text GIFs
  • Module 4- Adding in and manipulating elements
  • Module 5 – Photo GIFs
  • Module 6- Video GIFs
  • Module 7- Getting your GIFs on Instagram + Using your designs in Canva



Smiling Cara
Smiling Cara


A little about the clever human behind the camel, Cara Laban & WHY she created the CLVRCML GIF COURSE:

Cara is new to the world of Digital Nomadism within the last year. But, not new to the world of graphic design. She started learning how to use photoshop at the ripe young age of 13. Taught herself how to make a (bad) animation for a high school project, but stuck to mostly static graphic design after that. 

Cara started ClvrCml initially as a Virtual Assistant, and took on a wide array of clients, but always enjoyed the graphics tasks the best. She quickly picked up Canva as it was the new “it” editing software, and much more affordable than the Adobe Suite. 

Cara wanted to get each of her clients something personal that they would enjoy, and she didn’t have any ideas for one of her clients. But, she did notice her client used a lot of GIF stickers in her stories on Instagram. Cara thought it would be really cool to get her client her own branded GIFs on Instagram, but that wasn’t something Cara had ever done before. She did some research and learned how to get accepted as a brand. Cara used the GIPHY gif maker and it worked for a few things, but she didn’t have many options. So, Cara taught herself how to make animated stickers using Canva! There were no tutorials online about how to do this, so it took some trial and error.

Once Cara figured it out, she let her imagination run wild. Since then she’s had some well-known clients contact her to make them Custom GIFs, but Cara wanted to share what she’s learned with other Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers, and those with smaller marketing budgets so they too can do it themselves!

the gif oasis awaits...

What will you create? 

LET'S. Make. some. gifs.